Michaela Neumayr

Dr. Michaela Neumayr is assistant professor at the Institute of Nonprofit Management at WU, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. Her research focuses on philanthropy, volunteering and the welfare state. She is particularly interested in the factors that influence a donor’s choice among charitable causes, in the crowding-out mechanism and in tax incentives for donations. Moreover, she is doing research on nonprofits’ role within a countries’ welfare mix, paying special attention to the European context and Central and Eastern Europe.

Her work has appeared in – among others – Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly and Voluntas, and she has written studies on Giving in Austria in 2008 and 2012. In 2016, together with other researchers, she edited a book on social innovation.

Michaela is founding members of the European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) and member of ISTR and ARNOVA. During her PhD project she was selected as an ARNOVA Emerging Scholar in 2007, and she was ARNOVA Doctoral Fellow in 2008. She lectures on the topics of nonprofit organizations, civil society and social policy at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business and the Academy for Social Management. In 2016, she was a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy and Practice.


Key topics:      Philanthropy (esp. donor choice among causes); Volunteering (esp. community-service learning); Nonprofits’ role within a countries welfare mix and Social policy



Webpage:       https://www.wu.ac.at/en/npo/team/

Publications:  https://bach.wu.ac.at/d/research/ma/6170/#publications


Current position  

Assistant professor, Department of Management, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Previous positions  

Post-doctoral researcher (2010-2016);

Ph.D. candidate (2006-2010), Institute for Nonprofit Management, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business;

Junior researcher (2005), Austrian Institute of Economic Research;

Junior researcher (2004-2006), Institute for Institutional and Heterodox Economics, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business


Resource Dependence: The Impact of Different Forms of Public Funding on the Functions of Nonprofits in Austria (2010, Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schneider, Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer)


Doctoral Studies in Economics, WU Vienna, Austria (2010)

Ph.D. Program, Munich Graduate School of Economics, Germany

Master Studies in Economics, WU Vienna, Austria (2004)

Master Studies in Business Education, WU Vienna, Austria (2003)