Naoto Yamauchi, Ph.D. 

Dr. Naoto Yamauchi is currently professor of public economics at Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University. He also serves as president of Japan Institute for Public Policy Studies. He has been studying and teaching about public and civil society issues at Osaka University since 1992, after he worked for approximately 14 years at the Economic Planning Agency, the Government of Japan.


Dr. Yamauchi’s research focuses empirical analysis of contemporary Japanese social economy and civil society, namely giving and volunteering, corporate social responsibility, as well as measuring social capital, national well-being and happiness.


He founded the Center for Nonprofit Research and Information at Osaka University in 2003, and served as founding director. He is founding board member and former President of JANPORA, Japan NPO Research Association, and served as the Editor-in-chief of the Nonprofit Review. He currently serves as a member of the editorial board of the Voluntas and the Nonprofit Policy Forum.






Current position

Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University, Japan

Previous Position

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Osaka University, Japan


The Economics of the Japanese Nonprofit Sector (2001, Osaka University)


B.A. in Economics, 1978, Osaka University

M.Sc. in Economics, 1985, London School of Economics, University of London

Ph.D. in International Public Policy, 2001, Osaka University

Research productivity

5 books, 29 edited books, 39 book chapters, 21 international scientific papers in refereed journals, 70 non-refereed papers


483; h-index 9; i10-index 9 (based on 30 publications with citation data)