Stephanie Maas

Stephanie A. Maas (Haarlem, 1991) is academic (junior) researcher and PhD student at the Department of Business-Society Management (B-SM), Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The research and teaching of the B-SM department focuses on alternative definitions of business, including issues around climate change, reputation, CSR, business ethics, (corporate) philanthropy and (cross-sector) partnerships. Stephanie obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administrations from VU University Amsterdam and a Master’s degree in Global Business and Stakeholder Management from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Her research focuses upon corporate philanthropy and corporate community involvement, with a special avidity for corporate foundations. Within her research she examines corporate philanthropy from an organizational perspective, examining the added value and costs of corporate foundations – and other vehicles and channels of corporate giving – for for-profit organizations and other stakeholders involved. She combines her research role with teaching and supporting several courses at the BSc and MSc level.


Key topics: Corporate philanthropy; Corporate community involvement and Corporate foundations, intermediaries, ownership and distance




Current position

Academic researcher and PhD student, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam.


M.Sc. Global Business and Stakeholder Management (2014), Rotterdam school of Management, Erasmus University.

B.Sc. Business Administration (2013), VU University Amsterdam.